Formula Drift Asia 2010 – The Final Showdown is Coming Soon


A rare and historical site of Dataran Merdeka will witness the adrenaline pumping action of the Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia coming soon on 18-19 December 2010. 50 competitive drivers will take part from across the Asia Pacific region, familiar names such...  Read More

Goodyear International Drift Round 1 – Coming Soon on RaceRevo


With approximately 40 local and international drifters to make their way to the packed event, spectators can expect a high-octane experience as participants take to the course two-at-a-time, often only inches apart featuring nail-biting power slides along a series...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 : Djan Wins Plus Speedway


On Sunday evening Prince of Drift accomplished his monstrous run of form by defeating Tan Tat Wei in the final tandem battle at Plus Speedway. It was a spectacular demonstration of consistency and style in front of the full house crowd in the grandstand. The Tandem...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 Qualifying


FX Open Drift Series 2010 Round 1 kicks off with a bang!! 40 drivers compete against each other for the ultimate prize of RM10,000. Qualifying saw 8 drivers were eliminated and the common heroes survive to battle it out for tomorrow. “The Prince of Drift”...  Read More

FXOpen 1Malaysia Drift Challenge 2010 Round 1 – Coming Soon on RaceRevo


FXOPEN will set off its inaugural round of the FXOPEN 1Malaysia Drift Series 2010 this May 29th-30th at the tight and technical Speedway Plus Circuit. Drifters will compete for a total prize money of more that RM25,000 offered by FXOPEN and in the mean time trying...  Read More

Shot of the Day – Vaughn Gittin Jr a Year Before


Vaughn Gittin Jr is a self-taught professional drifter from Annapolis, Maryland. This was last year’s shot when he’s with Team Falken. He is now with Monster Energy! Recently he finished 1st at Formula Drift Round 1, Streets of Long Beach Raceway. Editorial...  Read More

Shot of the Day – Justin Pawlak at Wall Speedway


Quick Info Name – Justin Pawlak Age – 29 Team – Drift Alliance / Bergenholtz Racing Crew Members – Brian Benson, Ron Bergenholtz Car – 2009 Mazda Rx8 Engine – 3 rotor, GT42R turbo, HKS intercooler Horsepower – 550whp/500ft lbs Special...  Read More

KBS – FX Drift Challenge


The normally earsplitting atmosphere was broken once again by the sounds of rumbling exhausts as cars from all over Malaysia converged at the open air car park of MAEPS to take part in the KBS – FX Drift Challenge. The event was a mix of novice drivers and...  Read More