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This is a prototype Racing Ford Dallara running a practice session at Daytona. This fantastic shot was captured by a brilliant photographer James Boone. This image has lots of hits at flickr and is one of my favorite.

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2008 250cc class champion signed with Gresini for the premier class. The 22-year old was reportedly impressed by MotoGP power. However, at Sepang test few weeks ago, Marco is still uncomfortable with the machine.

Based on the lap times, I have reasons to believe that jumping from another class to MotoGP is a huge jump. Most of the rookies were struggling with the bikes as we can observe in the previous tests. It seems that MotoGP bikes are not as easy to ride as some critics suggested.

Worse, Simoncelli does not have much 4-stroke experience before. Whatever it is, Marco is the most hyped rookie of the seasons. Well, one wonder if a wild card ride at the World Superbike seems to have made quite an impact among media and fans worldwide.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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2008 and beyond were supposed to be the best years for A1GP. Having the use of Ferrari chassis and engines, organizers were hoping for the series to be more prestigious worldwide. However due to high costs and lack of interest in the series it sadly collapsed in 2009.

Team Malaysia was a strong contender at A1GP. With Fairuz and Alex Yoong both have won, it’s sad that it suffers sudden death mid way in 2009. It begs the question once again, is the market had already reach saturation point?

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

These two car battle up very hard until the flag. The white car is the previous winner (MME 2007). One of the driver of the car is the son of ex Malaysia’s Prime Minister. After 7 hours, team Kencana finally being lapped for the first time as seen in the picture above by Team Porsche Singapore. Team Porsche Singapore later lapped Kencana three more times.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria


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