F1 – Turkey : The Road from Turkey to Canada


In the past, histories have shown that most battle of teammates will never end with a smile and harmony. Prost and Senna, Hamilton and Alonso, Schumacher and Barichello, Juan Pablo and Ralf and the list goes on. These are among the famous examples proving that...  Read More

Goodyear International Drift Round 1 – Coming Soon on RaceRevo


With approximately 40 local and international drifters to make their way to the packed event, spectators can expect a high-octane experience as participants take to the course two-at-a-time, often only inches apart featuring nail-biting power slides along a series...  Read More

Isle of Man TT – Real Roads for Real Men


John McGuinness cranks the HM Plant Honda into the bend at the end of the Cronk y Voddy straight as he posted the first 130mph lap of the 2010 Isle of Man TT in a practice session. Art by wikipedia terminology is the process or product of deliberately arranging...  Read More

MotoGP Round 4 At Mugello – Rossi Is Not Racing


It’s a sad day for Rossi fans all over the world, the defending champion is not competing this weekend. After the build up of what seems to be a setup of historic battle between the Champion and Lorenzo, Mugello instead witness the opposite. Valentino Rossi...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 : Djan Wins Plus Speedway


On Sunday evening Prince of Drift accomplished his monstrous run of form by defeating Tan Tat Wei in the final tandem battle at Plus Speedway. It was a spectacular demonstration of consistency and style in front of the full house crowd in the grandstand. The Tandem...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 Qualifying


FX Open Drift Series 2010 Round 1 kicks off with a bang!! 40 drivers compete against each other for the ultimate prize of RM10,000. Qualifying saw 8 drivers were eliminated and the common heroes survive to battle it out for tomorrow. “The Prince of Drift”...  Read More

Shot of the Day – Webber Remains the Best of the Bulls


This picture says it all ” Beyond the Shadow of A Doubt” By now there shouldn’t be any doubt at all of his ability to perform when it matters. Three consecutive pole position is by no means a small feat and this is coming from a no Webber’s...  Read More

F1 – Turkey Practice : Around the Paddock


Formula One resumes in Turkey after three weeks break. With such a long rest, Formula One teams took the opportunity back at the factory to reanalyze their car and get some performance updates wherever possible. With access to factory within traveling distance,...  Read More