MotoGP – Silverstone Qualifying : Lorenzo Secures His First Pole of the Season


In the absence of reigning World Champion Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo is marking his territory at the front with his first pole of the season. Qualifying has never become an identity of Jorge Lorenzo, however in the uncharted territory of Silverstone, he storms...  Read More

The Diasio D962R Turbo – A Definitive Driver’s Machine


The D962R Turbo is a unique car, it has the looks of a prototype car of the past from the front angle. Upon inspection this 435 hp machine is a beast built by Diasio. The D962R was designed to be a traditional, solid-built track day car that doesn’t require...  Read More

MotoGP – Silverstone Practice : Lorenzo on Top


“It’s fast, it’s technical but it’s a little bit bumpy for the riders liking”. That was the first response coming from most of the riders towards the new Silverstone layout after their first practice. Well for us the fans, this is...  Read More

Gallery – Goodyear International Drift Round 1 Part 1


Coming back into our normal weekday routines, the rush hour and traffics, how about a bit of an eye candy from the recent Goodyear International Drift to sooth away some headache. A few sideways moment wouldn’t hurt and with a cup of coffee and a muffin...  Read More

Goodyear International Drift Round 1 – The Road to Final


Now on to the Top 8, Top 4, 3rd and 4th Placing and the Final Tandem. Top 8 Fanga Dan vs Hashiguti Andersen. No drama in the first run as Hashiguti Andersen was on Fanga’s tail all the way to the last clipping point. In the second run, Hashiguti Andersen...  Read More

The Prince of Drift – Onboard Video at Goodyear International Drift


Tenku Djan Ley has uploaded a video at the recent Goodyear International Drift. The most popular Malaysian drift icon debuted his new street legal Nissan Silvia S13 rather than his pure drift bred black Nissan Silvia S13. Take the JUMP for the video Courtesy...  Read More

Goodyear International Drift Round 1 – Top 16 Tandem Battle


As promised, here is the full photo report of the top 16 drivers battling it out at the newly resurfaced sweltering heat Putrajaya track. Although there are some unexpected surprises in qualifying, most big teams made it to the top 16. We will look back more on...  Read More

Goodyear International Drift Round 1 – Flash Result


New Zealand’s Fanga Dan triumphed in the first round of Goodyear International Drift at Putrajaya. He wins in fine style, consistently nailing the perfect line from practice and never looked jaded despite the typical hot weather. Stay tuned for the full...  Read More