F1 – German GP Hockenheim : Team Order, Where are the Dividing Lines?


We’ve talked a lot about team orders, from the day of the infamous in 2003 when Michael Schumacher was allowed to win at A1 Ring and until now the repeat of the same feat with Alonso at Hockhenheimring in Germany. Many of us criticized the manipulated race....  Read More

Malaysian Rally Championship Round 2 – The Rally Spirit


As I write this back home in my not so comfy chair, the sound of the engine bursting through the woods still roared in the back of my mind. It was an astonishing experience. Petrolhead by nature, I’ve been to several events in these past few years. Nevertheless,...  Read More

Fairuz Fauzy – Lotus Racing Grand Prix View : Silverstone 2010


Fairuz will be back on the wheel today at Silverstone for a practice run. Fairuz is understandably excited about the challenge ahead, starting with the team’s second home race at Silverstone this weekend. He speaks in the video. Take the JUMP for the video. Fairuz...  Read More

Gallery – Goodyear International Drift Round 1 Part 2


By now, you’d have already known that the FXOpen Round 2 is currently underway and the event is happening at MIMC Malacca. The best drifters from all over Malaysia will gather and compete for RM 10,000 top spot prize money. For the fans, come to MIMC on...  Read More

FIA GT1 – Paul Ricard Championship Race : Maserati’s First Win of the Season


The quest for masterpiece in the eyes of a photographer is a never ending journey. I quote Michael S. Gazzaniga, “what people find beautiful is not arbitrary or random but has evolved over millions of years of hominid sensory, perceptual, and cognitive development”....  Read More

FIA GT1 – Paul Ricard Pre Qualifying : Reiter Lamborghini Shining Under the Summer Sun


Well fellow RaceRevo readers, this weekend is the FIA GT1 at Paul Ricard. With summer sun beating down the track, it went underway smoothly with the duo of Reiter Lamborghini topping the timesheet in pre-qualifying. Ricardo Zonta set the fastest time of the...  Read More

McLaren – Our Heroes, Past and Present


McLaren’s two world champions make a surprise visit to the world’s greatest garage. Amongst the hundreds of historic cars, they are stopped in their tracks by Senna’s legendary ’88 car. Take the JUMP for the vid. It’s interesting...  Read More

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – The Return of the Monster


The Monster is back and this time with a bang! 20 years at this game, nobody knows the road to the clouds better than him. “Monster” clocks time of 10:11.490 to record an impressive fifth consecutive overall win at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. From...  Read More