McLaren wind tunnel at MTC

The reason I write this piece is to re-explore if you recall all those brouhaha regarding Virgin with their philosophy of only using CFD as the only aerodynamics design tool. Virgin Racing’s technical director Nick Wirth says his team’s performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix justifies its all CFD design philosophy. Well, can you agree with him?

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Although it was raining heavily during the practice session in the morning, the sun started to shine again in the evening.

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With no refuelling, the time spent in the pit is now dramatically reduced.

Although Ferrari has confirmed competitiveness this season by a 1-2 finish, the highlight was the failure of ban on refuelling. With the most anticipated season ever as far as I can remember, the race failed to live up to the expected built up drama. The rule which is supposed to encourage overtaking this season has done exactly otherwise.

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Take note of the small snorkel near the area of Lewis hand.

Just as I write a piece titled F1 Engineers and their Cunning Stunts , here we are at it again. A brilliant McLaren innovation. Simply mischievous and clever.

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Just as a pilot needs to undergo a rigorous test in simulation for hours, F1 driver has been taking that step too in this modern times. With test severely limited, driver training and experience have become expensive commodity. Nowadays, with the limited test, teams would want to optimize scarcely available track time by developing the car and spent less time on driver development. Hence, only race driver will get the seat time these days. As a result, there is not much room for young talent to breach F1. If any race driver is injured, the standby driver is not optimized to replace the seat. Looking at this factor, safety of the new and the rest competing drivers are at risk. So let’s look at solutions teams are beginning to adopt.

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Sure we have heard many times before how F1 engineers take advantage of the strictly written technical rules. But no matter how difficult the rules are, there will be always room to manoeuvre for these guys. We were impressed by McLaren’s brake steer, Ferrari’s flexi wing, Renault’s launch control and many more. These innovations carry significant advantage since the rest of the competition didn’t interpret the rules the way they do. For the FIA, it’s just beyond them how the engineers can walk the fine line and making fool of the law in the process. Today we look at one more cunning innovation, take the JUMP to find out more.

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1969 German Grand Prix
Graham Hill, Lotus 49B Cosworth – 4th place
Nurburgring, Germany. 3rd August 1969

Lotus Racing was granted its entry into the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, in September 2009. The decision sees the return of one of Formula 1’s most iconic and legendary names. Many Malaysians perhaps didn’t really appreciate Lotus, so Let’s explore the deep rooted history of Lotus in motor racing.

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2009 Autobacs Super GT Round 4 Practice Session Review:

Just 15 minutes into the Saturday Practice Session, the heavens opened up to greet the drivers and soon after, it rained heavily. Because all of the cars were still on slick tyres, they have to tip toe around the track to make it back to the pit. The typical monsoon weather made it impossible to drive, so i can hardly imagine what the drivers are seeing through their window in this condition. How bad was the weather? The sight of the DAISHIN ADVAN Ferrari (above) trying to nurse it back to the pit tells it all!

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