As promised in my previous coverage three weeks ago, I am back at Sepang again to witness the final MotoGP testing of the season.

Rossi dominated both official pre-season tests in Sepang, he put in a best lap of 2’00.271 shattering his 2009 qualifying pole position on the Malaysian track by 0.247s seconds.

Looking at test times, Ducati and Yamaha teams are expected to continue their recent history of success in MotoGP this season. And for the first time ever since its debut, the Yamaha YZR-M1 finally tops all test sessions at Sepang. With Rossi now possibly having the best bike in MotoGP, are we going to witness a repeat of Honda supremacy years ago? Perhaps the stage is all set for Rossi to win. However, with Stoner onboard the Ducati I suppose it’s not as easy this time around.

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The normally earsplitting atmosphere was broken once again by the sounds of rumbling exhausts as cars from all over Malaysia converged at the open air car park of MAEPS to take part in the KBS – FX Drift Challenge. The event was a mix of novice drivers and expert drivers. Although some of big names weren’t there, it doesn’t hurt the event that much in my opinion. The crowd and the media really enjoyed the show. The organizers had done a great job bringing back drifting to the fans. After all, the show belongs to them and gladly the organizers realized this. I expect they preserve similar status in the future. Elitism scares people away and will turn any sport into a political battlefield.

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Valentino Rossi needs no introduction, he is the living legend of MotoGP. The new M1 under his belt topped the timesheets by a comfortable margin over the rest of the competition. Although rain held back track actions, but in general the two days test were typical Malaysia sweltering weather, so the riders had plenty amount of time to acclimatize to their new rides.

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Tengku Djan the Man on the Rise

I asked a friend of mine, with the best drifters all over Asia competing, is Tengku Djan up for it? He quickly responded by saying that Djan has the credentials and is going to dominate it. A confident reply, but I was skeptical because I hardly knew Djan as much as I know Fernando Alonso. As an engineer by profession, I always had this thing about me that I have to see and observe before making a leap of faith.

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With 108 entries, the first ever Red White Sangari Invitational Kart Prix Championship at Sepang was a great success, both in terms of participation and racing intensity. Drivers from United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Macau, Germany, Netherlands and Philippines were determined to demonstrate their driving skills against each other.

With the highest prize to date in Asia Pacific Karting Championship, it’s hardly any surprise to see big names coming from all over the world. Most notably, Ireland’s World Champion Martin Pierce who is driving in the Senior Max category.

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These two car battle up very hard until the flag. The white car is the previous winner (MME 2007). One of the driver of the car is the son of ex Malaysia’s Prime Minister. After 7 hours, team Kencana finally being lapped for the first time as seen in the picture above by Team Porsche Singapore. Team Porsche Singapore later lapped Kencana three more times.

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