Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) 2011 – Scenes from the Pitlane : Friday Atmosphere Images

The 2011 Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) saw a few changes from last year’s event, especially the Formula BMW Pacific which was renamed as the new JK Racing Asia Series. Alongside the GT Asia Series, JK Racing Asia Series are one of the main attraction of the 2011 Asian Festival of Speed. The series provided a platform for up and coming young racing drivers in the continent such as F1′s youngest test driver Nabil Jeffri, who completed a straight line test for Team Lotus recently.

It was business as usual on Friday and as the practice session gets underway, the pitlane was busy with activities as teams and drivers prepare for tomorrow’s qualifying and race setup. Here’s some of the images during the practice session from the pitlane.

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3 Responses to “Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS) 2011 – Scenes from the Pitlane : Friday Atmosphere Images”
  1. Han says:

    Great coverage! Man, I wish I could be there in the pits, getting up close and personal with those machines. Just one thing that bothers me, is AFOS an event that is not opened to the public?(Could not see any spectators present)

  2. Neil says:

    Awesome shots, love em.

  3. RaceRevo says:

    Actually it is open to the public and the admission is free, but unfortunately motorsport is not something that is very popular in Malaysia hence the lack of spectators. On Sunday you might see some spectators though.

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