20th Edition of Tour Auto 2011 – Optic 2000

From 11 to 16 April 2011, the Tour Auto Optic 2000 traveled the French roads for the twentieth time. After a check day in the Jardins des Tuileries, the competitors drove to the Montlhéry race track for the official start of the rally which finished on the shores of the Atlantic at Biarritz–Anglet; la Chambre d’Amour.

275gtb, a 2-seat front-engined Gran Turismo automobile produced by Ferrari

A well deserved rest for all the participants after the competition’s last day.

906, the last street-legal racing car from Porsche. Protected species category nowadays. Super rare!

This 20th edition held all its promises and was favoured by exceptional weather. Beautiful scenery, great racing moments and ever-present public sign a new success and once again set the standard very high for the 2012 edition.

308GTB GR4, there is not even many infos on this machine on the net, let alone the number on the road

The retrospective of the Tour de France Automobile is a sharp combination of tourism and motor racing. Since 1992, the rally follows the French scenic secondary roads along a handpicked itinerary which changes every year.

The route is dotted with Special Stages, meaning timed sessions –on closed roads or circuits- which determine the final classification. Always starting from Paris, it covers about 2,000km split into five legs.

To participate in the rally, which is now is now one of the historic events that no amateur would miss, there is a first requirement to meet: to present an eligible car, that is to say a car, or the sister car, which has participated in the Tour de France Automobile between 1951 and 1973.

Ferrari 250 GTO. Shame it didn’t really went on the Tour.

Then, two categories, Competition or Regularity, are proposed for the entry. The car equipment and the documents required, for both the latter and her crew, are different according to the selected section.

The rules of the game : Along the road sections, it is obviously the French Driving Code which lays down the law. Regarding the timed sessions (circuit or closed road), in the Regularity section the most precise is the winner; in the Competition, the fastest is the triumphant.

Stratos driving by La Loire

The documents to be presented (competitor & car) are not the same for each category. Competition: Fastest is …best!

Wang’s. Now that’s what you call treating your family right

The driver is always on his own on the circuit starting grids. On the other hand, he keeps his co-driver with him for the road stages. He only wins these specials provided he is the fastest.

Driver & co-driver must present a valid FIA International or national licence* and wear FIA-approved helmets and overalls.

DB4 Gt came to life in the 1960 and was raced in the 1961 24 Hours of LeMans

The car equipment shall meet the FIA Sporting Code -Appendix K requirements and a valid H.T.P is required.
Regularity: Objective is…regularity!

F40 is regarded as the best supercar in 1980. Its revolutionary driving characteristics is well known to this day. Lightning quick and fast, the sight of it at Tour Auto is nostalgic!

This category, not as easy as it looks, is the perfect springboard for the Competition Section. It is highly recommended to the competitors who are not motor racing experts yet.

The driver –always aboard with the co-driver- has an only keyword: precision. He has to stick with the target time. Speed has nothing to do since the penalty is only linked with the selected and achieved times gap (ahead or after). Driver & co-driver who do not possess an FIA Competition licence* have to produce either an International or a national Regularity licence* or a Titre de Participation* valid for the event only, which can be delivered by the ASA Tour Auto.


The car, with this Regularity principle, even with modest performances can aim for victory. No particular equipment is required, but either an FIA HTP (Historic Technical Passport) or a FIVA form shall be presented.

2011 Results:


Groupes G/H/I
3 Mr John of B – SIBEL


Indice de Performance

It has been a blast seeing these machines drives by the land of majestic scenery. A sight to behold, the reverberating sound of the engine, the soothing music. What more could you ask for. 2012 here I come again.

Editorial : Tour Auto 2011 / Julien Mahiels

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  1. Luca says:

    Classics! if the event went late into the afternoon. + sunset shot with this machine = fantastico

  2. Michele says:

    A great annual event, more like an all stars car show than a competition.

  3. For some it is more of a show off rally but believe me most of those guys put the pedal to the metal on the whole route.

    Thank you for the article my friend. I am very busy these days.

  4. Muaz Zakaria says:

    No problem mate, great shots!

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