F1 – The Schumacher Factor

The moment he put pen to paper with Mercedes to challenge Formula One this season is also the moment of frenzy in the world of motor racing. It seems even the news of Alonso’s transfer to Ferrari paled into insignificance at that time. Suddenly people stop talking or listening to other news. The ever so popular Lewis Hamilton had been condemned to the sidelines. The big shining star had emerged from the sky to regain his kingdom.

Michael is known for his engineering prowess. All his life he drove a car that was tailor made by him. The ability to assist in car development is one crucial aspect for a F1 driver and Michael has abundance of that. Gone are the days where drivers just drive the car and expect miracles.

And his return was like giant tsunami. And the first of the tsunami waves hit Bahrain the season opener, TV audiences in Germany soar by 50% compared to the Bahrain previous year. Which is 10.5 million more viewers to make the percentage sense. That is the impact which only great politicians could muster. Formula 1 was being born again.

Audiences only means one thing to Formula One, the potential money. In short, Michael Schumacher is David Beckham to Formula One. And David Beckham is one of the few people that is born with certain privileges. For a start, if you are a coach and Beckham is in your team, chances are the Board of Directors are going to issue specific orders to play him at all cost. Never mind the strategy, the coach must adapt to it. Failing to do so would result in getting shown the door early.

Michael had big share of TV coverages despite poor string of performance this season.

Michael had this monetary potential, hence Mercedes is adamant not to say bad things about him. And they even go to the extent of putting Rosberg on TV to say nice things about Michael. Only that had little impact in the eyes of the fans and media.

Ross Brawn is doing everything in his power to revive the old Michael Schumacher. And he is the perfect man for this job considering what he had done for Schumacher in the past.

For Mercedes, the problem must be sorted out. Understandably, this is Michael Schumacher we are talking about, if it was a different driver the solution would be easy. Replace the driver and voila. Back on the topic, now the engineers after putting their expensive brain to work finally manage to rig out the problem. They say, with longer wheelbase and new chassis (which is the old test chassis) for Schumacher, the inherent understeer that has been bugging him all this while will be gone.

But what about Nico, why in the world has he not suffer the same problem, well Michael had this to say about that to Planet F1 and we quote,

After driving at Williams for so many years he is quite at home with a car that never does what he wants it to do. He doesn’t expect it to turn in and he is not disappointed.

I kinda agree, with experience driving certain characteristics of car you tend to become one with it. With the speed of Formula 1, there is so little time to react to everything, so it must be a subconscious act. Certainly Nico is driving the car subconsciously and that had gave him the result this season.

Again, with the new equipment, the same question is bound to be raised. Will Michael Schumacher respond to Nico in Spain? It seems we will be talking in this repeated pattern this year, well not surprising considering the magnitude of the subject. And we are never quite tired of it and so do you. Many accused he no longer has the hunger to win, but simply enjoys taking part. Michael response to that was simply brilliant ” I don’t give an F-Duct!”.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : Mercedes GP Petronas

2 Responses to “F1 – The Schumacher Factor”
  1. maranello55 says:

    Nice article.

    There is nothing wrong in getting a car that suits u. In Micheal’s case is just because he CAN. Nico will have his day and he is well aware of the things he needs to do when having Schumi as a teamate.

  2. Muaz Zakaria says:

    yup, agree. that is a skill one must possess. It’s not a bad thing, I think you have misunderstood me there mate. :)

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