Here’s the Cobb R35 GTR. According to my knowledge Cobb started out building Subarus, but now it seems they have expanded into the sublime ever so successful Japanese Nissan GTRs. With a wide body kit and that huge spoiler, this Cobb GTR is certainly a Stunner!!

Well I forgot to make an introduction of the series, pardon my excitement. According to its website – “Redline Time Attack is the first series of its kind to make its way onto North American Tracks. The only sanctioned series where anyone can participate, the Redline Time Attack lets you challenge yourself, against the clock, and put your best time up against the other drivers. Three classes, each with 3 divisions, make up the competition, and everyone is challenging for the overall championship with the fastest lap of the day”

For those of you unfamiliar with this style of racing, time attack is all about fine tuning your car and finding the perfect line around the track. The goal is to achieve the quickest lap time. When it comes time to race, a small group of 5 to 9 cars, one after the other, are sent out onto the track. The goal is get the quickest lap time. It’s like a Rally to make it simple.

Bob MacMillan was there for us and I have got to say he took brilliant photos. Well, enjoy these fine images gentleman.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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