Normally I don’t look into classic cars that much. However this classic M2 hybrid, looking almost like an M3 is certainly an attention grabber. The car owner Bob Ball race this machine at Club Racing level in USA. I found a video on youtube showing onboard video of the car going through turns at Summit Point Raceway. The car looks sharp, solid and fast.

Club racing essentially provides the opportunity for drivers to race their cars in a friendly atmosphere to be enjoyed by all involved. I wish Malaysia had something similar when it comes to Club Racing.

Gentleman ! Welcome to Club Racing goodness.

If it were not for Bob MacMillan, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to witness this fine piece of racecar. Thanks again Bob for the stunning images.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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3 Responses to “Gallery – Bob Ball BMW E30 Hybrid”

  • Bennie Niesen says:

    Wow really great car. the onboard sound is just breathtaking. I had one in my garage thinking of getting similar treatment to it. haha. Keep it up with this kinda stuffs. It’s unique and many are following

  • thanks for diggin it
    I built the car in 95-96
    over the years have changed a few things
    last year a new CF wing
    Quaiffe dog ring h pattern 5sp
    kaz diff
    adjustable shocks
    and stand alone managemant make it a much better car

  • Muaz Zakaria says:

    Glad to hear about that Bob. I mean I’m glad that the car is still alive and kickin’ full time.

    It’s an epic car.

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