ALMS – 12 Hours of Sebring is Underway!

The 12 Hours of Sebring, which attracted more than 170,000 spectators last year and acts as a rehearsal for the ultimate challenge of 24 Hours of Le Mans is underway. This year, a record number of spectators streamed into Sebring International Raceway as gates opened for Saturday’s 58th Annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.

Star of the show and last year LeMans winner, a star studded Peugeot lineup dominated both free practice. Lamy/Bourdais/Minassian fastest in Sebring practice with a best lap of 1:45.840 in one of two diesel-powered factory Peugeot 908 HDi FAPs.

Notable absentee is Audi, a big question mark on why the team failed to make the grid remains unanswered. There is a theory that the updated Audi is not legal to run under ACO’s rules. With ACO late on responding technical query, Audi had time against them. It will be the first time in century Audi failed to make the grid.

Aston Martin Racing Lola B09/60

Extreme Speed Motorsports Ferrari F430 GT makes its debut for the first time at Sebring 12 hours.

Practice time:

Morning session:

Pos Cl Drivers Car Time
1. P1 Lamy/Bourdais/Minassian Peugeot 1m45.840s
2. P1 Gene/Wurz/Davidson Peugeot 1m46.071s
3. P1 Drayson/Cocker/Pirro Lola 1m46.455s
4. P1 Mucke/Primat/Fernandez Lola-Aston Martin 1m47.103s
5. P2 Brabham/Pagenaud/Franchitti HPD 1m47.308s
6. P2 Pickett/Graf/Maassen Porsche 1m49.455s
7. P2 Dyson/Smith/Meyrick Lola-Mazda 1m49.593s
8. P1 Willman/Burgess/Ehret Lola 1m53.308s
9. PC Tucker/Hunter-Reay/Gue ORECA 1m56.289s
10. PC Tucker/Bouchut/Wilkins ORECA 1m57.853s
11. PC Zugel/Jeannette/Julian ORECA 1m58.867s
12. PC Wallace/Sutherland/Hildebrand ORECA 1m59.340s
13. PC Pagerey/Wong/Ducote ORECA 1m59.606s
14. PC Feinberg/Marcelli ORECA 2m00.173s
15. GT2 Auberlen/Milner/Werner BMW 2m01.556s
16. GT2 Muller/Hand/Priaulx BMW 2m01.772s
17. GT2 Sharp/van Overbeek/Farnbacher Ferrari 2m01.926s
18. GT2 Sellers/Henzler/Pilet Porsche 2m02.047s
19. GT2 Magnussen/O’Connell/Garcia Corvette 2m02.237s
20. GT2 Bergmeister/Long/Lieb Porsche 2m02.282s
21. GT2 Law/Neiman/Lietz Porsche 2m02.845s
22. GT2 Brown/Cosmo/Barbosa Ferrari 2m02.984s
23. GT2 Beretta/Gavin/Collard Corvette 2m03.052s
24. GT2 Krohn/Jonsson/van de Poele Ferrari 2m03.720s
25. GT2 Gentilozzi/Goossens/Dalziel Jaguar 2m04.818s
26. GT2 Robertson/Robertson/Murry Doran Ford 2m05.050s
27. GT2 Melo/Bruni/Kaffer Ferrari 2m05.590s
28. GTC Richard/Ende/Lally Porsche 2m07.547s
29. GTC Curtis/Sofronas/Pilgrim Porsche 2m07.695s
30. GTC Gonzalez/Leitzinger/Keen Porsche 2m08.017s
31. GTC Lewis/Vento/Aschenbach Porsche 2m08.339s
32. GTC Gonzalez/Diaz/Kelly Porsche 2m09.137s
33. GTC Rodriguez/Bieker/Friedman Porsche 2m11.533s
34. GTC Sweedler/Kapudija/Lueders Porsche

Afternoon session:

Pos Cl Drivers Car Time
1. P1 Lamy/Bourdais/Minassian Peugeot 1m45.731s
2. P1 Gene/Wurz/Davidson Peugeot 1m46.539s
3. P1 Drayson/Cocker/Pirro Lola 1m46.645s
4. P1 Mucke/Primat/Fernandez Lola-Aston Martin 1m49.824s
5. P2 Pickett/Graf/Maassen Porsche 1m49.894s
6. P1 Willman/Burgess/Ehret Lola 1m53.521s
7. PC Zugel/Jeannette/Julian ORECA 1m56.118s
8. PC Wallace/Sutherland/Hildebrand ORECA 1m56.600s
9. PC Tucker/Bouchut/Wilkins ORECA 1m57.344s
10. PC Feinberg/Marcelli ORECA 1m57.427s
11. PC Tucker/Hunter-Reay/Gue ORECA 2m00.392s
12. GT2 Auberlen/Milner/Werner BMW 2m01.256s
13. GT2 Muller/Hand/Priaulx BMW 2m01.807s
14. GT2 Beretta/Gavin/Collard Corvette 2m01.852s
15. GT2 Bergmeister/Long/Lieb Porsche 2m01.953s
16. GT2 Brown/Cosmo/Barbosa Ferrari 2m02.232s
17. GT2 Magnussen/O’Connell/Garcia Corvette 2m02.250s
18. GT2 Law/Neiman/Lietz Porsche 2m02.879s
19. GT2 Sharp/van Overbeek/Farnbacher Ferrari 2m03.281s
20. GT2 Robertson/Robertson/Murry Doran Ford 2m04.274s
21. GT2 Sellers/Henzler/Pilet Porsche 2m04.675s
22. GT2 Krohn/Jonsson/van de Poele Ferrari 2m05.334s
23. GT2 Gentilozzi/Goossens/Dalziel Jaguar 2m06.752s
24. GTC Lewis/Vento/Aschenbach Porsche 2m08.040s
25. GTC Curtis/Sofronas/Pilgrim Porsche 2m08.614s
26. GTC Richard/Ende/Lally Porsche 2m09.978s
27. GTC Sweedler/Kapudija/Lueders Porsche 2m09.999s
28. GTC Rodriguez/Bieker/Friedman Porsche 2m11.378s
29. PC Pagerey/Wong/Ducote ORECA 2m16.677s
30. P2 Brabham/Pagenaud/Franchitti HPD
31. P2 Dyson/Smith/Meyrick Lola-Mazda
32. GT2 Melo/Bruni/Kaffer Ferrari
33. GTC Gonzalez/Diaz/Kelly Porsche
34. GTC Gonzalez/Leitzinger/Keen Porsche

Our correspondent James Boone is there to bring us updates and more pictures fresh from the oven. Stay tuned.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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