F1 Engineers and their Cunning Stunts

Sure we have heard many times before how F1 engineers take advantage of the strictly written technical rules. But no matter how difficult the rules are, there will be always room to manoeuvre for these guys. We were impressed by McLaren’s brake steer, Ferrari’s flexi wing, Renault’s launch control and many more. These innovations carry significant advantage since the rest of the competition didn’t interpret the rules the way they do. For the FIA, it’s just beyond them how the engineers can walk the fine line and making fool of the law in the process. Today we look at one more cunning innovation, take the JUMP to find out more.

Now it’s the Ferrari engineers turn to manipulate what we call the spirit of the rules or the sporting regulations.

Seen on the right is the new Ferrari aero device compared to standard rims that will be used by other teams this season.

For the 2010 season the FIA have outlawed the carbon fibre wheel fairings that became so popular in 2009. In a move that may be seen as going against the spirit of the regulations (but which has been approved by the FIA), Ferrari have instead incorporated an integral aero device into the design of their wheel rim. The device is detachable (main drawing), but to be legal it is made from the same material as the rim itself. As wheel rims have to be homologated and can’t be changed during the season, Ferrari’s rivals will be unable to copy this.”


The aero devices on the rims seen on the previous Red Bull is an adaptation from Ferrari’s design.

In general, when one team stumbled upon a brilliant innovation, the rest of the grid will quickly try to adapt the same design on their car. Point in case is previous Ferrari aero rim few seasons back. Now it’s not the case anymore, only Ferrari will have this design. This will certainly not go down well with the rest of the teams.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : F1technical forum

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