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/2013/05/12/f1-engineering-bible-basic-aerodynamics/" rel="bookmark"> F1 Engineering Bible – Basic Aerodynamics

While waiting for our pieces on Spanish GP, Rotax Max Challenge and 1000km of Spa Francorchamps, I figure you may need something to fulfill your thirst for more motorsports knowledge. Well, here is a video describing the works of Toyota F1 Team. Of course we know by now, Toyota had already pulled the plug from F1. It gave me the... 

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/2012/06/12/engineers-are-cunning-lots/" rel="bookmark"> F1 Engineers and their Cunning Stunts

Sure we have heard many times before how F1 engineers take advantage of the strictly written technical rules. But no matter how difficult the rules are, there will be always room to manoeuvre for these guys. We were impressed by McLaren’s brake steer, Ferrari’s flexi wing, Renault’s launch control and many more.... 

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/2012/03/12/simulation-for-us-and-for-the-pros/" rel="bookmark"> /wp-content/uploads/2010/03/williams-f1-simulator-11.jpg" class="attachment-featured-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="williams-f1-simulator-11" title="williams-f1-simulator-11" />

/2012/03/12/simulation-for-us-and-for-the-pros/" rel="bookmark"> Simulation – For Us and For the Pros

Just as a pilot needs to undergo a rigorous test in simulation for hours, F1 driver has been taking that step too in this modern times. With test severely limited, driver training and experience have become expensive commodity. Nowadays, with the limited test, teams would want to optimize scarcely available track time by developing... 

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/2012/02/04/f1-team-lotus-pit-tour/" rel="bookmark"> /wp-content/uploads/2011/04/IMG_7197-470x313.jpg" class="attachment-featured-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="IMG_7197" title="IMG_7197" />

/2012/02/04/f1-team-lotus-pit-tour/" rel="bookmark"> F1 – Team Lotus Pit Tour

I still remember a few years ago when this website was in its 1st year, I received an email from Team Lotus that I made the list for a pit tour on Thursday. Incredible! Knowing the fact that F1 pit garage is a restricted area for photographers and journalists alike. It is on rare occasion that this opportunity will present itself... 

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/2014/04/03/f1-team-lotus-demo-run-putrajaya/" rel="bookmark"> F1 – Team Lotus Demo Run : Putrajaya

/2014/04/03/f1-team-lotus-demo-run-putrajaya/" rel="bookmark"> /wp-content/uploads/2011/04/DSC_0867.jpg" class="attachment-home-middle-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="DSC_0867" title="DSC_0867" />

Ahead of the upcoming Formula E race in Putrajaya, we look back to 2010 when Team Lotus put up a street show for its huge Malaysian fan base. It was a delightful event, full of crowds coming to get a glimpse of the new T128 and the drivers. Jarno Trulli, Alexander...  Read More

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